Canadian Podcasting Stats: Listeners, Demographics and Advertising


Podcasting in Canada is on the rise. It is a great way to tap into niche audiences and keep them engaged for extended periods of time. This medium continues to grow but it is still relatively new and some marketers are still not sold on its advertising capability.

A new study just released provides some key statistics about Canadian listening habits that helps showcase the advertising potential Podcasts have for brands.

Canadian Podcast Statistics:

  • Ten million Canadians adults listen to podcasts every year

  • 52% of listeners are between the age of 18-34

  • 59% of podcast listeners are men, and 41% are women

  • Podcast listeners have a higher income as well as a higher level of education

  • 53% of podcast listeners say that they have taken an action after hearing an ad on a podcast

This information provides a great statistical analysis of the Canadian podcasting landscape. It is still important though to examine why this medium has only seen an increase of listenership.

Podcasting is popular with the 18-34 age range (read millennial) demographic for a few specific reasons. The first is that podcasts tend to be inherently authentic. They deal with real people and tell real stories. Second is that you choose when and what to listen to. The power of choice is given to the audience. Lastly, it provides an outlet for self-learning. A value that is ingrained within the millennial generation having grown up with access to the Internet, the world ultimate learning tool.

Podcasting offers an immersive advertising opportunity and a chance to tell great Canadian stories. If you’re a marketer, what more could you ask for?

Stats taken from 2018 TPX study.

Brad Freeman