The Reason For Podcast Popularity and Its Continued Growth


Every year podcasts become more popular, with an always-growing number of listeners. Good technology is easy to adopt and even becomes ubiquitous within our lives. We don’t often stop to think why we like things or why things are popular. With podcasts, there are three major areas of their appeal and these are some of the contributing factors to the mediums success.


A Secondary Activity

The main thing people like about podcasts is that they can listen to them wherever and whenever they like. People’s experiences are shifting from being curated to being self-selected. This puts the power in the listener’s hands. Podcasts are downloaded and available on smartphones at anytime, making them apart of the self-selection ideology.

Podcasting is also a secondary activity, which means they can be listened to what still doing a primary activity that requires low mental activity. This means there are many opportunities throughout your day to listen to podcasts, like while you commute, cook, and run – to name a few. In short, podcasts are an enjoyable way to help pass the time.

Connection and Imagination

Technologically we are becoming more and more connecting, but a cost of this is that we are becoming personally disconnected. Podcasts are an audio-based medium and as such, listeners develop a personal connection to the hosts. Listeners are spending time and imaginatively engaging with what the host is talking about. It creates a bond, and this bond is scientifically strengthened by the fact that it is an audible interaction. It is also self-selected content, so audiences are inherently more engaged with what they are listening to.

Trust and Authentic Perspectives

Listeners build a deep sense of connection with the hosts that they listen too, in return this builds a lot of trust between the host and their audience. Stories and opinions are given in a first hand perspective, which makes it feel more authentic or real to listeners. In addition to this, listeners feel like they are getting insider or unique information, as it is a personal or unique perspective often being offered. This creates a circular cycle of influence, bonding audiences to hosts in a continual way.

These are factors that are unique to podcasting and they are some of the key reasons for the platforms continued success.

Brad Freeman